This was our first family dog. We went to MD to get him. He is full of personality and attitude to go with it. But oh boy did he get into so much trouble because he was so bored. But you could not stay mad at him for he would get up on the bed and look at me with those beagle eyes and all you could do was either laugh or have your heart melt. He has his own thoughts on things and boy does he let you know it too. Out of all the animals I have ever come across, this one lets you know what it is he wants and with out a doubt too.

Well after we bought our home we decided that Cody needed a friend to play with. He was just so bored that the things he was trying to amuse himself with well lets say it drove me nuts. So low and behold after much thought we found him a friend. And we Got Max.

Now Max is the one with the white face and no eagles bandana. Before you go and say anything, come on this is Eagles Country and Max's eagles bandana needed to be washed.
Well this was after a long day of hard running and playing.
Max is older than Cody by a few years but the most gentle dog I have ever met. Oh and did I mention a snug bug. Well that is if he does not steal the bed and allow you to take some of the covers he is laying on.
My heart goes out to him. See we had gotten him from our local rescue mission here.
Well it all started out with Cody getting bored and in trouble. Then we brought home Max and the two are good play mates but now that Cody was not getting into so much came new things. Max is a social little guy and likes to talk with the neighbor hood dogs. So now there was barking. To be honest when we first moved in I did not hear a Dog bark until we got max now you can here them all barking back and forth to eachother. And the kicker is the few people down the street say that there dogs insist going out at a set time and all of a sudden are barking to some dog down the street. Well guess what that is Max. When he hears them he wants to go out. Thank goodness that has calmed down a bit. Oh the other thing that max taught Cody was getting into the trash inside and out. But since we got Lilly that has not been as bad. She keeps them running. Since we had her come to live here i have not seen max so excited and full of energy. Sure he would play with Cody but when he and lilly play his eyes light up and the tail goes faster and let me tell you more full of life. oh and he is teaching her to be a beagle. Picture a jack russell acting like a beagle. Oh and did I mention that lilly runs in circles as she is walking with you but for some reason she only circles clockwise. Not sure why but never to the left. Still trying to figure that one out.


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