This was our first family dog. We went to MD to get him. He is full of personality and attitude to go with it. But oh boy did he get into so much trouble because he was so bored. But you could not stay mad at him for he would get up on the bed and look at me with those beagle eyes and all you could do was either laugh or have your heart melt. He has his own thoughts on things and boy does he let you know it too. Out of all the animals I have ever come across, this one lets you know what it is he wants and with out a doubt too.

Well after we bought our home we decided that Cody needed a friend to play with. He was just so bored that the things he was trying to amuse himself with well lets say it drove me nuts. So low and behold after much thought we found him a friend. And we Got Max.

Now Max is the one with the white face and no eagles bandana. Before you go and say anything, come on this is Eagles Country and Max's eagles bandana needed to be washed.
Well this was after a long day of hard running and playing.
Max is older than Cody by a few years but the most gentle dog I have ever met. Oh and did I mention a snug bug. Well that is if he does not steal the bed and allow you to take some of the covers he is laying on.
My heart goes out to him. See we had gotten him from our local rescue mission here.
Well it all started out with Cody getting bored and in trouble. Then we brought home Max and the two are good play mates but now that Cody was not getting into so much came new things. Max is a social little guy and likes to talk with the neighbor hood dogs. So now there was barking. To be honest when we first moved in I did not hear a Dog bark until we got max now you can here them all barking back and forth to eachother. And the kicker is the few people down the street say that there dogs insist going out at a set time and all of a sudden are barking to some dog down the street. Well guess what that is Max. When he hears them he wants to go out. Thank goodness that has calmed down a bit. Oh the other thing that max taught Cody was getting into the trash inside and out. But since we got Lilly that has not been as bad. She keeps them running. Since we had her come to live here i have not seen max so excited and full of energy. Sure he would play with Cody but when he and lilly play his eyes light up and the tail goes faster and let me tell you more full of life. oh and he is teaching her to be a beagle. Picture a jack russell acting like a beagle. Oh and did I mention that lilly runs in circles as she is walking with you but for some reason she only circles clockwise. Not sure why but never to the left. Still trying to figure that one out.

More of our little nut

Well like i had said earlier Lilly was so proud of herself and liked her new found attire she really did not want to take it off. One of the these shots are of her after I had taken it off. I guess she thought it woud be good around her neck

One of my three dogs

Well it has been a long time but I am BACK! I after much trying thought it would be easier to update friends, family and who ever else comes to my blog with picures. See not sure why but it takes to long for me to send out pictures so this I am hoping is much easier and FASTER.

And so far seems to be.

This is Lilly. She is one of our three dogs. She is as you see a Jack Russell terrier. She is only six months old and a nut. She found this from the family game table and decided to wear it. She was very proud of herself at that I might add too.


ops for get that


Well today was the first pre season game. And guess who was not there. Yep T O and why is that? because he does not like being not the number one guy. The fool signed a contract and now wants more than what is on the contract. On top of that he tried to force there hand and used us the fans and media in his attemts and now it is back firing on him. I don't know what a team would want him after this. this is the second time he has pulled stunts and with the team and fans. All he is doing his hurting himself. And to think that kids were looking up to him. Yes he is a good player but at the same time he is not a good team mate. Well not unless he is the one getting all the attention and all he wants. You can not run a team or anything like that. T O is all about him and the world does not work that way.
He needs to get real and wake up or better yet Grow the heck up!
T O wake up and smell reality!!!!


Ahhh how relaxing

I thought I would share some photos taken last week. The sun set was taken from our boat on the mulica river, on one of our family rides on the boat. I must say this photo came out much better than I had thought it would.


just a little about me. More to come in later post. If you are related to me fear not.

Well now that you have seen my family I thought I would share a little about me with you.

I am one of four children. My older sisters are Lynda and Patti and i have a younger brother Jim. We all have wonderful children. Shoot did I say children. My sister Patti's oldest son is now an adult and my oldest son will be an adult come this April. Oh wow were did the years go.
My sibblings and I were raised by our mother who loved us and tried to guide us in her own special way. We lost our mother this past November. This in the past few months has been hard to deal with. Funny how grief works. first I was numb. I really did not start to grieve until recently. I guess it is something that will take me a while to get passed.
I lost my father while my mom was pregnant with me. So I basicly got to know him through everyone elses eyes. Funny thing how diffrent people remember the same person difrently. It is a hole I have tried my whole life to fill and when my mom passed I learned that it can never be filled but you take your love and memories and use that to fill the whole with that.
I dream about my mom and grateful each time I do. I think I don't dream about my father for I did not know him personaly. Oh i guess you can tell resently things have been a tad difficult. But life goes on.
As soon as I can I will put up a few pictures of my parents. Oh my mom did not make it easy she did not like her picture taken that much. I guess I take after her. There are only a few people that have taken my picture that I like. One being my mom and the other being my darling husband.
Hmm now that is a diffrent topic. He and my boys are my life and the sun that light my days and nights. with out my husband I think I would be lost. I know on the boat i would be out to sea and lost to the world. I can say I have never meet such a wonderful man. If I am lucky my son's will grow up to be like him.
well i will write more on my family and self next time.

This is my youngest son. A group of us when out on the river and rafted up on the river for the night. We all had a good time enjoying the water and also spending time with friends. What a better way to spend a hot day but on a boat with swimming and fishing.

Okay It seems like I now know how to send pictures. Now to format this blog.  Posted by Picasa

Here is our captin of our boat. With out him we would never leave dock or worse yet we would be lost at sea. I am just learning to drive our boat. Posted by Picasa

These are our boys on our boat. We enjoy this on our weekends. We have not caught many fish yet but have fun being together and trying.  Posted by Picasa

This is my wonderful husband on one of our trips. He and my boys are my world. Sorry ladies he is taken. Posted by Picasa

oh this is like my third time trying to add a picture of myself. Lets see if it works this time. Posted by Picasa

Welcome to my world as I figure this all otu and how i want to do my page Posted by Picasa


Okay I have found out how to do a few things. Now that I find out how to post now maybe I can learn to post some pictures.


Well if this goes right I will be starting my blog. I have to admit I have no clue as to getting started. So this is a learning work in progress.